Effective giving – made easy 

ACF will create a permanent endowment fund for the city, which will make a lasting and positive contribution to Auckland and to the lives of those whose endeavours are supported by the ACF.

ACF will be regarded as an integral component in the life of the city and a credible and trusted first choice vehicle for philanthropic giving.

We will successfully partner with donors who want to contribute now to the city they live and work in, and those who wish to leave a lasting legacy.

The Foundation will work with donors and key stakeholders to build the social capital of Auckland communities and bring about positive long term sustainable change.

Philosophical underpinning

Our establishment and ongoing organisational success is rooted in the belief that Aucklanders across the socio-economic spectrum are willing to make a personal contribution to the wellbeing of their communities and the city at large. We believe that philanthropy and Government funding are important if we are to meet community aspirations.

We are committed to the ideal that healthy communities look to their own resources and are willing to share these for the betterment of their communities in the long term.

While we will demonstrate a strong social conscience that recognises and responds to the inequalities in society, we will run the Foundation in a business-like fashion so that the funds under our management have the best chance to generate strong returns. This in turn will enable the Foundation and our donors to make the chosen contributions to development that we and they identify as worthy of support. We have a soft heart but a hard nose.

For Community – Helping all Aucklanders to achieve their potential

For Good – Helping donors support the city they love

For Ever – Supporting the next generations