ACF is an appointed Regional Funding Manager for The Tindall Foundation in the Auckland region.  The Tindall Foundation is a family Trust established by Sir Stephen and Margaret Tindall in 1994 and has since distributed over $125M to New Zealand’s communities.

The Tindall Foundation funds across a number of programme areas, including the programme ‘Supporting Families and Social Services’.  The Tindall Foundation works with appointed Funding Managers to distribute grants across New Zealand to the communities in most need.

“We rely on the huge contribution of our Funding Managers, who distribute donations on our behalf directly to the local communities in which they work. This model is a very effective way of giving money across the country because Funding Managers have knowledge of, and relationships with their communities and know which organisations can make the greatest difference with Tindall Foundation funds.” - The Tindall Foundation

As an appointed Funding Manager, ACF manages an annual contestable fund (The Grassroots Giving Fund) to distribute The Tindall Foundation’s Auckland regional allocation.  This Funding Manager service includes:

  • Accepting grant applications and managing funding enquiries
  • Promoting the fund to Auckland’s communities and not-for-profit sector
  • Carrying out due diligence and assessing funding eligibility
  • Establishing local allocation committees in partnership with local community leaders and experts
  • Allocating grants and managing distributions
  • Managing grant monitoring, accountability and evaluation

ACF has been an appointed Regional Funding Manager since 2005 (Manukau Regional Funding Manager 2005 - 12; Auckland Regional Funding Manager 2013 - present), distributing over $1.1M to date.