Leaving a Gift in Your Will to Auckland Communities Foundation

Bequests are known to be one of the easiest and most gratifying ways a person can give to causes close to their heart.  However, only 8% of all giving (by value) in New Zealand happens this way as many people do not realise that they can give to charities through their will, or that a gift of any size is greatly appreciated.

Different Types of Bequests

Gifts can be anything a person owns including specific items, money, property or a percentage of an estate.

There are four main types of gifts people can leave to charity:

  • RESIDUAL – The remainder of an estate after considering loved ones.
  • PERCENTAGE OR FRACTIONAL – A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of an estate.
  • PECUNIARY OR SPECIFIC – A specified gift which can be money, property, or stocks and shares etc.
  • WHOLE ESTATE – This comprises an entire estate and is usually left by those without beneficiaries or those wanting to achieve something very significant.

By Gary Mcfadyen, MFINZ, Trustee Executors. Gary McFadyen is a Private Wealth Advisor of Trustee executors. www.trustees.co.nz

Read the ACF Bequest Brochure to learn more.