The Auckland Endowment Fund is a general fund where people who want to continue to support Auckland to be as healthy and vibrant as it can be leave donations.  Over time as this fund builds, the Auckland Communities Foundation Board of Trustees will be allocating grants off the income from this fund to the identified highest need of the time.  This fund is future proofed so that when the need changes so can the areas where these grants can be made.

The Auckland Fund: So you want to start a fund with us, but don’t have $5,000?  You can start making payments into the Auckland Fund, which is an interest-bearing Trust account at ACF.  Once your own donations reach $5,000 your assets will all be transferred to a fund under your own chosen name.

Field of Interest Funds: Would you prefer to give to a cause or support a specific issues?  Do you care about the Arts or the Environment?  Then talk to us about starting up a Field of Interest Fund where you and like-minded people make donations to address a certain theme.  Once the capital has built up to $25,000 an annual distribution can be made to an identified appropriate recipient.