Giving Circle – Getting Together to Give…

Giving Circles consist of people who pool their resources and then pick charitable causes to donate to. Much like Book Clubs or Share Clubs, participants often find that they have a deeper and better giving experience and achieve more meaningful giving.

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Community Foundations in Philanthropy News

Community Foundations are one of the fastest growing forms of philanthropy in the world and New Zealand’s 12 Community Foundations are looking up. Philanthropy News shares some inspiring stories of giving and growth in their current newsletter:

  • How Giving Circles in Auckland are helping people pool their contribution together to make a bigger impact
  • Approximately $40million invested in NZ Community Foundations and another $200 to $300 million in anticipated bequests
  • Couple in Tauranga making provision in their will to leave 3.3% of their estate for local giving, knowing that their family will not miss the 3.3%
  • Celebrating 12 Community Foundations now established in NZ, with the help of $2.5million from Sir Stephen Tindall
  • Private charitable trusts coming under the Community Foundations umbrella for a number of reasons

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Fabulous Ladies Giving Circle

The Fabulous Ladies Giving Fund provides early childhood education scholarships to parents who are studying while also raising small children. Studying and parenting is challenging and these generous scholarships help to ease the financial burden that can come with providing a pre-schooler with quality care and learning. Feedback from scholarship recipients is always filled with thanks and heart-warming stories of how the scholarship has made a difference. We are delighted to share one of these stories here.

“Although I had committed myself to and was excited for what was to be seven years in education studying medicine before working again, it did not make the stress disappear when the financial struggle became a bit more real. Last year, my second year in study, was difficult financially and thus mentally. I questioned my place in the university and my right to be there – I could understand that the government could only provide me with basic help financially for me and my son, however I found it hard to justify pursuing my goals when it meant that as a family our activities and ability to see other family were limited by lack of money. I wondered if it was ok or moral for my son to miss out on seeing aunties because we had run out of petrol in front of his friends at daycare the day prior, or to not attend swimming lessons because they were too expensive, or to not have any heaters over winter because the power bill might be stretched a bit too far. As a temporary situation, this seems no problem, but I was choosing seven years of study, and I didn’t quite know if the stress and anxiety it was causing could be ignored for that long.

Being awarded the childcare scholarship for this year has meant I don’t need to pay $80 per week to my son’s daycare; I have not run out of petrol or left a warrant of fitness or registration to become overdue this whole year; I no longer need to keep borrowing money from disgruntled family members; and the best part is that I am able to take my son places and enjoy new experiences with him, including to see his aunties and cousins who live an hour away. This year we have visited places like the zoo, Crystal Mountain, regular trips to the Waitakere ranges for hiking, and even a trip away up north to Russell, whereas last year even a free a trip to the Auckland Museum could be hard because of the petrol needed to get there.

Although I have described the material things I have gained out of the scholarship grant, it is the relief of guilt, stress, anxiety and doubt that have truly been the reward. I feel I have been able to have an amazing balance in life this year, and that has allowed me to be immensely grateful of every opportunity both with my son and in my studies, which I hope will give me some resilience and something to reflect back on and appreciate come tougher patches in the future.

So thank you again, the encouragement for parents to not just enter but stay in later education is an amazing gift”

Thank you to the Fabulous Ladies Giving Circle for helping to make a difference in these families lives.

The Fabulous Ladies Giving Circle was established by staff of the University of Auckland Business School in 2013.  Between 14-18 women have been part of the ‘circle’ making a monthly or weekly donation, at an amount which suits them.  Over two years this fund has grown considerably and now the income earned from the interest on this capital amount is used to make grants to recipients who have need in the areas the women care about.