ACF can provide you with a cost effective and safe way to address your charitable goals.

  1. Setting up a Fund within ACF gives you all the benefits and services of having your own private foundation without having the hassle and expense of establishing your own trust. ACF helps to identify potential recipients who best match your values and the issues you care about and to ensure making your gifts as effective, easy and enduring as they can be.  You are in charge of your fund and with you as the Advisor and our team here to do the rest, you know your gifts are making a difference.

After you have decided that a fund within the Auckland Communities Foundation is the right thing for you the process of setting up a fund is very simple:

  • A fund can be established with the Foundation by completing an establishment form and making an initial donation
  • The Foundation accepts initial donations of as little as $5,000 with no upper limit. Funds must build to a $25,000 minimum within a five year period

What is best for you? Contact ACF and speak to one of our Donor Team.

Phone: 09 631 7203