About the Trust

The purpose of the Trust, which was established in 2003, is to manage and distribute a “noise mitigation fund”. A decision was made in the Environment Court on 10 December 2001 that Auckland International Airport Limited would establish this trust fund as a condition of the company being granted approval to build a second runway. The court decision (A143/2001) specified the amount of $250,000 per annum (adjusted by the consumer price index each year) be contributed by the company into the trust fund.

To date, the Trust has focused on projects that support Literacy and Life Skills.

The Trust can only support projects that support communities within a designated Area of Benefit, which is related to clearly defined air traffic noise contours.

For more information on the Trust - including a detailed map of the Area of Benefit - you can visit the Trust’s website.

Community Grants 2016-17

The Auckland Airport Community Trust operates an annual Community Grants round.  The 2016-17 Community Grants round is now closed.  Applicants will be informed of a decision in September 2016 and grants will be paid in January 2017 for projects to be delivered across the 2017 calendar year.

The Trust’s priorities in 2016-17 are:

1. Literacy - Particular priority will be given to projects or programmes that:

  • Achieve strong literacy outcomes for participants
  • Support enhanced educational achievement through improved literacy
  • Engage families, parents or caregivers in supporting learning and literacy outcomes for their children (build family/whānau capacity)
  • Enhance the literacy levels of adults involved (achieve family learning outcomes)

2. Life skills - Particular priority will be given to projects or programmes that develop/enhance the following Life Skills:

  • Financial literacy - Initiatives should support the financial wellbeing of families through the development of financial literacy and budgeting skills.
  • Parenting - Initiatives should help to build parenting confidence and skills so that parents are able to provide a nurturing environment for their children and support their social and educational needs.
  • Early education and play - Initiatives should support children to achieve a positive start to life by increasing the access to, and quality of, early education and/or learning through play.
  • Youth development - Initiatives should support high-needs or at-risk young people to succeed. In particular, the Trust will prioritise youth development projects that are strengths-based, focus on early intervention and provide opportunities for youth leadership.
  • School transitions - Initiatives should support children and young people to make successful schools transitions (i.e. making a successful transition from early childhood education to primary school, primary school to intermediate, intermediate to high school and high school to tertiary or training). Particular focus should be given to children and young people that are at-risk of falling behind or achieving below their potential.
  • Leadership - Initiatives should contribute to leadership development, either through: supporting the development of youth leaders, in line with priority (5) Youth Development, or; supporting community-led development, building a community’s capacity to lead local projects.
  • Employment skills - Initiatives should develop employment skills for priority target groups, including young people, adults not in employment and adults facing other significant barriers to employment (such as migrants/refugees). Initiatives should contribute towards: work readiness; improved access to employment opportunities; english language for work, or; work-related literacy/numeracy.
  • English language - Initiatives should support the settlement and integration of migrants and refugees through the development of English language skills.

Guidance notes and application forms are available for download on the Trust’s website.


If you would like to speak with us about this fund, please contact the ACF team on 09 631 7203 or email applications@aucklandcf.org.nz