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JAPhA Fund currently on hiatus

The JAPhA fund will be taking a small break and will be back again soon. We will post updates on our Facebook page and also the website with regards to 2016 opening dates.

About the Fund

JAPhA Principles

The JAPhA Fund (Just Another Philanthropic Aucklander) will pay a monthly grant of up to $1,000 to Aucklanders who have small and creative projects that will achieve social or environmental good.

The aim of the JAPhA Fund is to put the ‘fun’ in ‘funding’! We want to support passionate Aucklanders with their audacious, exciting and innovative ideas for leading positive change in their communities.

Our monthly JAPhA grants will demonstrate the impact that small giving can have in Auckland’s communities.

The JAPhA Fund has 9 key principles that underpin its grant-making. These are listed below - you can also download a copy of our JAPhA-Principles.

1. JAPhA Fund donations support amazing people to deliver their awesome ideas for achieving social or environmental good.

2. These projects must have a recognised charitable objective – we want to help you to help others. We cannot provide donations to businesses or limited companies. You can check these objectives out at: www.charities.govt.nz.

3. We want to put the fun in philanthropy! We love random acts of selfless kindness. We want to see audacious, exciting, innovative ideas that will help inspire other Aucklanders to be generous.

4. Donations are gifts of $1000. The donation should be the difference between your project happening or not….so big, hairy charities – this fund isn’t for you.

5. Go forth and multiply! We love entrepreneurial superstars. If your JAPhA project is a social enterprise that raises more cash – why not donate some back to the fund?

6. Donations are one-off so you shouldn’t apply again if you’ve already been successful. If you haven’t received a donation before, you can keep on tryin’ - but please bring us a different idea next time around.

7. In return for your JAPhA donation, all we ask for is a short video about what you did (30 second – 2 minutes max!). We want to share your story to inspire more philanthropic Aucklanders within 2 months of receiving your grant.

8. The JAPhA Fund is quick and snappy! Donations are made monthly - applications close on the 14th of each month and our JAPhA panel will make their decision by the end of the month. Your project should be ready to fire and be completed within a couple of months so we can share your story!

9. Applications should be made online via the Auckland Communities Foundation website - click here (** November 2015 applications are now closed and it is the last funding round for 2015. We will be taking a short break over summer and we will post updates on our website and Facebook page regarding opening dates for 2016.)

Check out the neat videos and stories of our past JAPhA recipients below.

How to Apply

If you’d like more information about the JAPhA Fund process - please read our short guide JAPhA Fund - How it Works. Applications can be made online here. The application form is short and simple - we like to keep things snappy!

Applications should be lodged before the 14th of each month. They will then be reviewed by the JAPhA Fund advisory committee.

A decision will be posted on this page by the end of each month, announcing the latest successful recipient. All applicants will receive an email regarding the outcome of their application.

If you applied to the fund but were unsuccessful – you are able to re-apply again with a different project.

Some applications may just miss out after being shortlisted by our committee - we may ask to keep these in the mix for a few more rounds (up to 6 months).

If you have any questions about making an application, please email us at applications@aucklandcf.org.nz


The JAPhA Fund makes giving accessible to all Aucklanders. We accept any donations to the fund - large or small.

Making a tax deductable donation is really simple - you can do this online via our ‘donate now‘ page.

Regular donors have the opportunity to stay engaged with fund by sitting on the JAPhA advisory committee, which meets monthly to talk all things philanthropy and make decisions about our monthly grants.

Thank you to our Donors

Auckland Communities Foundation would like to thank all of our JAPhA Fund donors, whose vision and generosity have made this innovative fund possible.

Particular thanks is extended to The Rua & Clarrie Stevens Charitable Trust for their contribution - we welcome you to our community of donors

JAPhA Recipients

November 2015 Winner - Project Revival Charity Trust

Our final JAPhA recipient for 2015 is Project Revival Charity Trust whose aim is to produce 50 books with ‘Dreamtime Stories’ which will be gifted to Northcote Tongan kids as free Christmas presents. The book will have stories with questions and answers which will encourage parents to use the book as a tool to improve their child’s comprehension. The Trust hopes that the gift of stories will help kids build their imagination and do better at school. We’ll have awesome pictures and a video from them soon, in the mean time check out their facebook page and other neat projects they are doing around the community.

October 2015 Winner - Street Candee Dance Company

This month’s JAPhA recipient is Street Candee Dance Company for their ‘Flawless’ project. “Flawless” is an empowerment concert for females and young adult/youth communities, using the means of dance, spoken word, and visual media. It encourages the targeted audience to follow their heart’s dreams and passions despite the difficulties life sometimes throws at them, by frankly displaying society’s concerns of domestic violence, tall-poppy syndrome and self-insecurities.


September 2015 Winner - Albany Senior High School

We are excited to announce Albany Senior High School as September’s JAPhA Fund Winners.

The School’s awesome idea is to make free guide books for new immigrants coming to Auckland and place them in Auckland International Airport. The idea arose from seeing a lack of guide books and helpful information at the airport for new settlers.

They believe this project will benefit the Auckland community such that migrants coming over to Auckland will have enough basic knowledge to cope with the first few weeks of living here. They hope to help new settlers deal with the change that they face at first instance and also make them feel a sense of belonging to Auckland.

Guide Book digital copy

August 2015 Winner - I too am Auckland

‘I too am Auckland’ is a small group of students who produced 4 videos titled “I, Too, Am Auckland,” which addresses everyday racism experienced by Maori and Pacific students at the University of Auckland. They are filming and producing a second project that is a fictional commercial that addresses the same issue, but one that provides viewers with a language to intervene. We are pleased to grant $1000 dollars towards this project and look forward to seeing more of their valuable work. Check out their launch video below and make sure to watch the series of videos on Youtube.

May 2015 Winner - Dance Therapy NZ

Dance Therapy NZ is a registered Charitable Trust whose mission is to support and empower individuals & groups in Aotearoa/NZ through the use of Dance Movement Therapy and Arts Therapy. Arts 4 Us programme, which is a drop-in arts therapy programmes for children in low-income areas.

A+ two girls roller painting and stencils Copyright Christian Espinoza 2014 All Rights Reserved Copyright Christian Espinoza 2014 All Rights Reserved Copyright Christian Espinoza 2014 All Rights Reserved Copyright Christian Espinoza 2014 All Rights Reserved STARSOnehunga1

February 2015 Winner - Urban Pantry

Urban Pantry used their $1000 grant for a ‘Growing the Future’ edible garden display encouraging Aucklanders to grow their own food.

December 2014 Winner - The Marvellous Theatre Group

The Marvellous Theatre Group harnesses the theatrical aspirations of senior citizens - providing a safe space where older people can come and express their creativity with other like-minded people. The group has members ranging from 65 to 93 years old, all of whom share the group philosophy, ‘we are never too old to play!’

All JAPhA Recipients

Month Recipient Amount
Aug-14 The Pallet King - Gwamu Ltd $1,000
Sep-14 Kumeu Arts Centre $1,000
Oct-14 Memribox Technology Ltd $1,000
Nov-14 Good Business/James Widgery $1,000
Dec-14 Marvellous Theatre Group $1,000
Jan-15 Recreate NZ $1,000
Feb-15 Urban Pantry Trust $1,000
Mar-15 Beachlands Community Trust $1,000
Apr-15 Kumeu Photography Group $1,000
May-15 Dance Therapy NZ $1,000
Jun-15 The Funding Network $1,000
Jul-15 Te Ara Rangatu o Ngati Te Ata $1,000
Aug-15 I too am Auckland $1,000
Sep-15 Albany Senior High School $1,000
Oct-15 Street Candee Dance Company $1,000
Nov-15 Project Revival Charity Trust $1,000
If you would like to know more about this fund, please contact ACF on 09 631 7203 for more information.