Building a Better Auckland through Generosity

Auckland Communities Foundation is connected with Community and Service Organisations so we can best inform our donors on the most effective way to make their grants.

Our consultancy work and grant-making connects us with many community organisations across the district. We are able to identify gaps in the community which need the most support, so we can match our donors care with that need.

Our Grants team is active in many social sector reference groups across Auckland and we participate in network groups so we can maintain a close connection with the grass roots community.

We are led by our Research & Grants Committee which comprises thought leaders in the community sector across Auckland, who act as a reference and decision making group to ensure Auckland Communities Foundation is as well informed as it can be on issues related to Auckland.

Our annual grant making rounds for the Auckland Airport Community Trust and The Tindall Foundation’s Small Grants Regional Giving enables us to develop best grantmaking practice and evaluation processes which benefit both the charity’s ability to report on their work, but also to improve their internal systems to optimise positive impact.


We conduct research to ensure that issues in the community are still relevant and which organisations are addressing these issues and most importantly who is having positive outcomes and impact.

Our research: Inspiring and Informing Giving: Auckland Status Report 2015 is a guide to key issues facing Auckland and how individual philanthropy can address this.

Our previous research: Macro Auckland is available here.