Inspiring Giving - an update on building a better Auckland through generosity

By having undertaken this project ACF is able to share with the broader community about individual giving and generosity as well as about creating great cities and realizing community’s potential.

Reasons and Purpose

ACF needs credible and up to date evidence about Auckland issues and opportunities to inform our stakeholders and current and prospective donors. The evidence and information from this project enable ACF to both attract new donors  and ensure effective grant making. A visible commitment to evidence-based granting strengthens our position in the Auckland philanthropic landscape.

Investigating why donors invest help us understand what information donors (ACF and other) look for.

Investigating donors (not just ACF donors) who give in their own way helps us have a better internal working knowledge of key drivers and motivators for individuals to give.  Deepening our understanding of what makes people want to give, will help us position our offerings to current and respective donors to ensure we add value to our giving community and consequently to the grantee community.

Producing new case studies of generosity in Auckland

This research allowed us to generate stories of how impactful philanthropy can be in a community both in the short and long term.  We aim to share these stories through all forms of media to raise awareness of what can be done with generosity.  We hope to inspire others to become philanthropists and contribute to the long term support and development of Auckland.

Producing International examples of how generosity makes great cities

Through international examples we can provide more evidence on effective and inspiring outcomes from different types of philanthropy.  Cities from around the world have benefitted from not just philanthropy but from long term strategic thinking and vision through giving.

Community Foundations are often the Anchor Institution in convening and bringing groups from all part of society together to enable generosity to create great cities.

Read the full Inspiring Giving 2016 Report or download Auckland by issue below.

Auckland by Issue - Education

Auckland by Issue - Housing

Auckland by Issue - Safety

Auckland by Issue - Arts & Culture

Auckland by Issue - Sports & Recreation

Auckland by Issue - Employment

Auckland by Issue - Environment

Auckland by Issue - Access

Auckland by Issue - Health

Auckland by Issue - Economic Wellbeing

For further information about this project please contact ACF on 09 631 7203.

Inspiring Giving part 2 will be released on the 27th of April.